Wednesday, June 22, 2016

#jessicatravellinginbali - Day 2

Yeah! My first morning in Bali. A perfect sunny day to go to the beach.
I visited some beautiful places that day. Starting from Pandawa Beach, Monkey Forest, and Rice Terrace.

Pandawa Beach

It is such a beautiful, lovely, calm, and fresh beach. Maybe some of us have not known this beach, because if you want to go to Pandawa Beach, you must go through winding slopes. I love the blue ocean and small calm rolling wave. I enjoy lying on the white and soft sand.

Monkey Forest

Here we felt like walking in the forest, so natural. Jump jump jump!!! here and there. Monkeys were running around everywhere. Besides, there are some ancient temples of the Hindus too.

Rice Terrace

I can not believe it! How farmers can make such an amazing rice terrace like this. Rice terrace is not only useful for reducing erosion, but also for promoting tourism. 

 I really enjoyed my second day in Bali, it was really exciting.

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Thank you XOXO