Friday, January 1, 2016

Still About New Year

Hello everyone! Still about New Year, today I will show you my new fashion design. I'm inspired by the super wonderful New Year 2016 event. Fireworks, trumpet sounds, also the city lights decorate the 1st January 2016 at 00.00 am. I think it is really a precious moment, because it is only once in a year. The night 31 December 2015, I make a wish. I wish in 2016 my family and I are always healthy, happy, and successful. I also wish I can be more diligent in studying, get more achievements, and my blog can get more viewers. Amin.

Yeah, I think I have talked too much, now you can enjoy my creativity... Hope you like it!

First, I call this design "Glamorous Fireworks", as you can see, the fabric shades represent the "blink blink" fireworks. Besides glamorous style, there is also a little elegant style in this dress. So you can wear this dress for prom or evening party.

Second, I call this "Colorful Winter Break". Because the top and lower part of this dress are really colorful. It is made from fur fabric, that can protect you from either windy or cold weather. You can wear this dress for park party or beach party.

Third I call this :Tosca Blink". It is my favorite design. Tosca is identical with "calm and fresh". So, in 2016 we should be calm and have lots of fresh ideas. The "fur coat" (top part of this dress) can protect you from cold weather. And the "blink blink" on the lower part of this dress can make you to appear more attractive in the party. So, this dress is suitable for birthday party or romantic dance party.

Forth, this is "Sky Gaps" this dress represents the new year sky, full of fireworks and lights. This dress is really glamour and a bit sexy, so it suitable for prom night.

Fifth, I call this "Yellow on Black". Yellow blinks make this dress more glamour and chic. The dress may highlight the curve of your body. You can wear this dress for prom night or masquerade party (event which the participant attend in costume wearing masks.

Thank you for reading 
See you next post XOXO