Thursday, December 24, 2015


Tomorrow is the day! It is the most wonderful day of the year, 25th December THE CHRISTMAS DAY!  People all over the world will be greeting one another "Merry Christmas" or changing their profile pictures with Christmas themes, like my mom, she has changed her profile pictures in LINE, BlackBerryMessenger, and WhatsApp with Christmas themes. Some people will post photos on instagram about Christmas events with the hashtag #merrychristmas. I am sure #merrychristmas will be the most popular hashtag tomorrow. 

On Christmas Eve, Dad, Mom, and I usually go to my Grandma's home to have dinner, have some talks, and finally sing some Christmas songs together. Early morning on Christmas day, my family and I go to church. After that, we go home and make some Christmas cookies (really cute Christmas cookies) and spend the quality time together. 

What I think about Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ, holiday, and family time. But during Christmas and New Year holiday, I rarely go out for recreation, because the street is usually jammed. I prefer to spend the time with my family at home. 

P.s : The deer antlers headband is made by myself (DIY) 


Have a very Merry Christmas XOXO