Sunday, September 27, 2015

Falling In Love With BLUE

Long time not see youuuuu !!!
Sorry I can't write my blog because I have a lot of homework, assignment, exam, and many more. :O
Okay okay, I will show you my last photoshoot. I wear BLUE striped top and dark BLUE skirt.
Why I have a lot of blue clothes? So curious! Am I falling in love with blue???? :O


 As you can see, I use striped cotton cloth for the top. It's really comfy because it's soft and cool. 

I use double faced satin fabric for the skirt. I love this fabric because it's fancy! There are blink blink on it, like stars on the night sky. Hahaha... 

Okay, here are some photoshoots of mine 

Tap for details


Feeling blue 

Oops it's time for me to study again... See yaaaa XOXO