Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Zippers Zippers

Normally there is one zipper on a clothing, right? 
True, but...... Can you imagine a dress with a lot of zippers? 

Here is!! There are about 50 zippers on that dress. The length of one zipper is about 20 inches.

Are you curious about how i made this dress? 
Okay, here is the story

Flashback 1 year ago....
  I had a school project to make DIY black dress. I was really really confused at that time. When I looked at my jacket zipper and...... Horraaayy!!! I suddenly got an idea! As soon as possible I looked for my old black shirt and skirt.

    1. Crop the shirt into strapless top 
    2. Use shirt's collar for the necklace
    3. Prepare a large number of zippers
    4. Arrange the zippers on the dress into a unique model 
    5. Sew the arranged zippers
    6. It's done! A fully zippers dress

I also made the zipper bracelet too *Is it cool?* 

I took these photos yesterday, at the corner of my house *No lighting kit, no external flash*. 
So, photos aren't as good as they are at photo studio. 
Please be sorry and enjoy my others.... 

Thanks for visiting my blog 
I'm looking forward to your comment 
Love you all and see yaaaaa.... 

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