Friday, June 12, 2015

Elegance of Lolita

Hellowwww everyone...  Welcome to my very very first post!
Let's check it out >>>

The dress I wear is my own design

*Oh yea?* 

You don't believe me? Okay I'll prove it 


Tadaaaaaa..... Here is the truth. I'm interested in Gothic Lolita style, bcoz it's cute and calm. 

*WAIT! What is Gotic Lolita?* 

Lolita is a fashion subculture originating from Japan that is based on Victorian-era. 

         I chose black and red satin fabric for my dress. Uhm... it looks classy, right?

 Oh yeah! I also add korean style for the lower part of the dress. 

Wowww I was in Japan!!! 


No, actually I was in my cousin's wedding party in Malang town. 

There was a beautiful Sakura tree............ but the imitation one. So I took a photo beside it 

Fiuh... I'm really tired... The chair looks so nice I want to take a rest...

Thanks for reading my post.
Sorry if I make mistakes
Hope this blog useful
See Yaaa...