Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Woman in Blue

What do you think when you hear "The Woman in Black"? Horror? Thriller? Supernatural? But..... How about "The Woman in Blue"? Curious? SCROLL DOWN

Yesterday I took some photoshots at Grand City Mall Surabaya, Indonesia. Actually I'm a little bit ashamed when some people stared at me, but it's okay. Hahaha... 

I wore crop tee and blue sapphire skirt. I myself designed the clothes and my aunt sewed it. 

Here it is!!! 

 For the crop tee I used Jacquard fabric 

And Satin fabric for the skirt 

Can't wait for writing my next post! 
See yaaaa... 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Elegance of Lolita

Hellowwww everyone...  Welcome to my very very first post!
Let's check it out >>>

The dress I wear is my own design

*Oh yea?* 

You don't believe me? Okay I'll prove it 


Tadaaaaaa..... Here is the truth. I'm interested in Gothic Lolita style, bcoz it's cute and calm. 

*WAIT! What is Gotic Lolita?* 

Lolita is a fashion subculture originating from Japan that is based on Victorian-era. 

         I chose black and red satin fabric for my dress. Uhm... it looks classy, right?

 Oh yeah! I also add korean style for the lower part of the dress. 

Wowww I was in Japan!!! 


No, actually I was in my cousin's wedding party in Malang town. 

There was a beautiful Sakura tree............ but the imitation one. So I took a photo beside it 

Fiuh... I'm really tired... The chair looks so nice I want to take a rest...

Thanks for reading my post.
Sorry if I make mistakes
Hope this blog useful
See Yaaa...